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TINTEN DEPOT Frankfurt copy shop - Terms and conditions (as of 11/2009)

Validity of Conditions Ink Depot Frankfurt (hereinafter TDF) provides services only on the basis of the following terms and conditions. This also applies to future business, even if it is not explicitly mentioned. TDF is authorized at any time, and additional conditions to change or amend the terms and conditions. Uses a client conflicting terms, so have the terms of the TDF priority and are valid. Delivery time The delivery period begins with the dispatch of the order confirmation, but not before the customer has furnished the necessary required documents, permits, approvals and receipt of an agreed payment. The delivery deadline is met if the goods are ready to end is communicated to her or the goods have been shipped. The delivery period is extended in activities related to labor disputes, strikes and barrages, and in the event of unforeseen obstacles to our will are outside, such as equipment failure, delays in the delivery of essential materials, such impediments to the delivery of the item are of considerable influence. The delivery period is extended by the duration of such action and obstacles. The aforementioned circumstances are also to be represented not by us, if they occur during an existing delay. Of us will start and end of such important cases as soon as possible to the customer informed. Partial shipments are of the stated delivery period we allowed inside, so far as to use any prejudice resulting therefrom. We shall be liable for delay damages only in cases of intent or gross negligence and where it includes the crossing of the delivery time of more than five working days comes. Delivery Of delivery is governed by our written order confirmation. An oral agreement with the seller is irrelevant. Construction or design changes, improved technology and legislative requirements are due to stay during the delivery period, insofar as the article is not changed significantly and the changes are reasonable for the customer. Cancellation If the customer cancels an order without justification or contact us from one to the orderer reason (such as violation of religious or political neutrality, immoral content or liquidity of the client) from the contract, we may, without prejudice to the possibility of a higher actual damage claim to 20% of the selling price for the processing of the order for costs incurred and lost profits claim. The buyer reserves the right to prove minor damage. Shipping and Handling Packaging are the customer and we calculated property. Postage and packaging costs will be charged separately. The choice of shipping is at our discretion. Acceptance and transfer of risk The buyer is obliged to accept the delivery item. Unless otherwise agreed (delivery by us) is the transfer at the offices of the WMK. The buyer is entitled to delivery item within fourteen days of receipt of notification of availability or other communication from the completion of handover to be examined by the. The buyer has a duty to the goods delivered within the same period to accept, unless he is temporarily prevented the adoption fault. If the buyer of acceptance of the merchandise with more than fourteen days from receipt of notification of availability intentional or grossly negligent in arrears, we are allowing a grace period of another two weeks right after, to withdraw from the contract or demand damages for non-performance. The setting of a period is not allowed if the customer ultimately refuses to accept or seriously or is obviously well within that time to pay the purchase price is capable of. The risk is accept delivery of the Purchaser on. The customer declares that he will not accept the goods, then the risk of accidental loss or accidental deterioration of the goods at the time of the refusal of the buyer on. Price changes Prices are non-binding. You are in EUR incl. Tax specified. Prices may change if contract and the agreed delivery date more than four months are between. Increase thereafter until the completion of the supply, wages, material costs or the market cost price, so we are entitled to reasonable pricing of the cost increases in line with the increase. The purchaser is entitled to withdraw only if the price increases the general cost of living between order and delivery significantly exceed. If the customer is a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a public special assets, price changes are under-prescribed scheme called admissible if the contract and the agreed delivery date more than six weeks lie between. Warranty We assume in the following manner the liability for defects in the delivery items: During a period of six months after acquisition of the delivered goods, the buyer is entitled to eliminate errors (improvement) in the additional conditions not otherwise described so far. Can we guarantee obligation subject to error does not eliminate any of our or the customer for further attempts Report, the Purchaser may repair the change (cancellation of the contract) or reduction (reduction in price) demand instead. Natural wear is always excluded from the warranty. Because of further claims and rights, we are only liable in cases of intent or gross negligence. Furthermore, liability is excluded. Liability We are not responsible for the content of the principle of customer-supplied materials or templates. In addition, TDF is not given the copyright material in order to examine bound to the legal situation has to answer for the customer. If an order is placed its own motion or stopped by prohibiting the principal is liable for all damages caused by delay. Retention of title We retain ownership of the delivered goods until full payment prior to that.

We retain ownership of the delivered goods until full payment prior to that. Terms of payment The payment is in cash or by debit direct debit. Receipts will be renamed from a value of 100,00 EUR only issued. When accounting for payment are 14 calendar days, with delay reserves the right to TDF, the amount of 5% above the prime rate of the European Central Bank and to collect overdue fines in Mahnzinsen. Exchange or promissory notes are not accepted. Liability in tort Claims for damages in tort are excluded, unless the damage was caused intentionally or by gross negligence. This applies also to carry out work or act our agents. Exploiting it for advertising purposes The TDF is allowed, by the contractor for works produced, images, graphics, etc. Make copies and these names the name of the Party as a reference object for self-presentation and advertising matter, without separate compensation to use in their own, if not the legitimate interests of the contractual breach. In particular, the use of TDF in their advertising materials and on the Internet allows. Performance and jurisdiction The place of performance is the headquarters of TDF and jurisdiction is Frankfurt. Additional conditions to the terms of the TDF General All of the documents submitted TDF, addresses and data are strictly confidential, within the meaning of VAT. Privacy, treated and not passed on to third parties. The lawyers' secrecy rules are well known. Graphic work For non-conclusion of a contract with the TDF are sketches, graphics, designs, text, concepts, sample rate, etc. provided arrangements that have been initiated by the client, real and actual costs, but at least 50% of the proposed fee charged for. Info Post & Newsletter TDF takes complaints to 10 days after sending the letters, contrary to edit writing. All claims at a later date will not be accepted. Leafleting To be distributed promotional material is basically three days prior to the contracting Verteiltermin delivered to. TDF reserves the right to control the stained areas. The client is free to control one. He is not entitled to the costs incurred by controlling its own, the TDF to invoice. Werbegut, the TDF has taken over from the client, it retains the risk of the principal, the ordinary course of business with. In adopting the TDF Werbegutes liable only for the received packet according to the delivery or box number, but not for the accuracy of the numbers within the Abpackeinheiten. TDF warrants for the supply of approximately 80% of all closed target areas located in the receiver. If the absenteeism than 10% of the guaranteed coverage density is higher, the client shall be entitled to invoice reduction. TDF takes complaints until three days after the end of the distribution of an area, contrary in writing. You must include examination of: the date, place, street and house number, names of claimants and the precise circumstances or the cause of the complaint form. The initiation of a complaint from the customer damage claims, it is common to review the matter through its representatives always obliged, if we demand it. The distribution is made only to households by plugging in the Werbegutes in mailboxes. There are many copies in the mailboxes set as these household names have. If a house inside boxes sealed with several times and is not open after ringing, so this house will not be served. A ban marked with a throw mailbox is excluded from the distribution. excluded from the distribution are: commercial businesses, offices, department stores, malls, homes, barracks, weekend sites, hospitals, houses on the same factory and factory sites and a connected outside the houses are residential. In so-called Steigehäuser (houses with mailboxes on the floors) advertisements are 3 in the hall laid properly. Reproduction TDF is not responsible for the viruses of copied disks and for the rights of third parties. The customer confirms the Copyright and copying rights to the data to copy to own. TDF reserves the right, the copied CDs, DVDs or memory cards at random and checked for completeness viruses. The client is free to control one. He is not entitled to the costs incurred by controlling its own, the TDF to invoice. Copying, printing and scanning In the faulty processing brought along materials are not entitled to compensation. In hot and Kaltleimbindungen paper format changed up by trim up to 1 cm. Paper Converting - binding, embossing, laminating, ... For defects in material brought along, we do not assume any liability of the foreign material. In hot and Kaltleimbindungen paper format changed up by trim up to 1 cm. Pads, caps and textile prints The printing of customer material is at risk of the customer. In case of defective processing of materials brought along is not entitled to compensation. For color printing, slight deviations from the original can not be claimed. The specified print dimensions are approximate and may due to the nature of the fabric slightly to (10-15%) vary. For the complete printing of mouse pads (pressure with no white border), shifts of the motif occur. The TDF of printed materials may not guarantee adequate shelf to maximum at 30 ° negative one to be washed. It is not possible, printed textiles in the dryer to dry or treated with fabric softener. Conclusion of the contract for online - shops (1) condition for concluding a contract, the registration as a customer on our website. Access will be entering the access (user ID and password) granted against. The initial password, the customer receives an email indicated. He can then change. To increase security, we recommend the customer to change their password as soon as possible after the registration. (2) Our website only represents a request to the customer, at the close of sales contracts to deliver services. The contract offer by the customer is using his access purchased. By clicking the button [Order] By the end of the ordering process gives the customer a binding offer. The receipt of this offer is confirmed with an email. A contract is not concluded with confirmation of receipt, but only through the acceptance of the order in the form of an explicit acceptance confirmation from us, or at least with the delivery of goods ordered. Subject matter and use suitability (A) the subject matter of the order and in the order confirmation said products, prices and other terms in.

All the images we use in the online presentation to show the goods are only sample photos. Set the current article does not faithfully represent in each case, but are illustrative only. The image on the monitor of the customer, for technical reasons (especially the individual configuration of the equipment at the customer) from the real article differ due. Primary is the text description of the relevant article. (3) The product is subject to "commercial variations supplied" as far as is reasonable for the buyer. Among them are such as technical improvements in the quality (especially "successor models"). Withdrawal for customers in distance (1) The contract is available to the following cancellation: Revocation instruction Withdrawalconsumers at a distance contract, ie a contract, without the simultaneous physical presence of the parties only with the use of distance communication (eg email, internet, phone, fax, mail comes), the right sales contract within two without giving reasons in writing (eg letter, fax, e-mail) or by returning the withdrawn weeks. The period begins the day after receipt of this notification in writing, but not before receipt of the goods by the recipient and not fulfill our obligations in accordance with § 312c Section 2 BGB in association with § 1 para 4, 1 and 2 BGB InfoV and our duties according to § 312e paragraph 1 sentence 1 BGB in association with § 3 BGB-InfoV. The revocation period is sufficient to send the revocation or thing. The revocation must be addressed to: INK DEPOT GmbH Managing Director Mr Arsenic Escher Landstrasse 84 60322 Frankfurt am Main Fax 069-9 21 01 29-11 info @ Ink-depot.com Consequences in the event of a cancellation by either party the benefits received and returned as benefits (eg interest). If the consumer the performance received or only partially or in a worse condition to return in full, you must, provide compensation. Things have been left, there is no obligation to pay compensation if the impairment is solely on their exam - as a shop would have been possible in about a - is due. Moreover, the consumer can avoid the obligation for compensation by the matter not as an owner in use and omitting everything, which impairs their value. Package are to be returned at our expense and risk, active items consumers picked up at our expense and risk. Additional Information (1) Send the goods insured package to please as us back and keep the Einlieferbeleg on. If it does not take you to the above are in accordance with instruction, we refund you the postage costs of course, gladly on request in advance (in this case, please contact us by telephone connection). (2) in the preceding paragraph (a) above procedures are not a prerequisite for the effective exercise of the withdrawal. Price (1) The information contained on the product pages, information and prices are € include VAT and other price components, but do not include postage. The costs resulting from the pages of the online stores deposited shipping information. (2) If we introduce the customer's request partial shipments from, this has to bear the additional costs incurred thereby. General obligations of the customer (1) The customer may at his registration to shop online only truthful information. Changes in the business are important for data (such as name, address, email address, consumer property) has left us a customer order immediately and ongoing in other cases before the next order to inform the. If our data indicated wrong, and significantly jeopardize the contract, we have to cancel contracts already concluded and reasonable discretion to block from our store for this Customer justified. (2) In view of the typical email communication at distance selling, the customer has his email address on a regular basis (at least 1x 2 days) get inside when he had made an order and the contract is not completely done yet. (3) Immediately after placing an order the customer will receive from us via e-mail you a receipt. The customer must immediately inform us if he does not timely confirmation is received. (4) his access to our online store, the customer receives a password, which he can change. He has the duty to treat as confidential the password to unauthorized third parties and not to make accessible. For misuse of passwords, which causes the buyer has, we do not have to stand up. In our own interest, the buyer should inform in the event of abuse, to avoid damaging economic might. Likewise, he should change the password at regular intervals. Payment, invoicing, liens (1) Payment is made either in advance, by cash, debit (from the second order), cash on collection. (2) Shipments abroad are only against advance payment or credit card payment. (3) In the case of prepayment days the payment within 7 of receipt of our confirmation to ensure the orders are received. This is the date of receiving your payment by mail (ie transfer: value to our bank account). In case of late payment we are entitled to advance a reasonable grace period to cancel the contract after. (4) The customer can exercise rights of retention and set-off only if his counterclaim is based on demselbenVertragsverhältnis beruht.Ein right to offset and Withholding the customer is also then only if his counterclaim is legally established or recognized by us has been or is uncontested . Delayed acceptance of the customer (1) For the duration of the delay in acceptance of the customer we are entitled to goods at the risk and expense of the customer to store the. We can see also a shipping company or storage company serving us. Storage costs are 1% of the net invoice value of the stored goods per month be charged a flat rate to a maximum amount of 25.00 EUR. We are entitled to actual higher costs and to invoice. The customer is entitled to prove that no or reduced storage costs. (2) If we delay in acceptance of the customer withdraws from the contract as a result, the conditions we are in the presence of other statutory right of 25% of the agreed net invoice value to demand lump-sum compensation. The assertion of a higher actual damages. The customer is entitled to prove that no or only minor damage occurred.

© 2010 INK DEPOT - Escher Landstraße 84-60322 Frankfurt am Main - www.tinten-depot.com - www.tinten-depot-frankfurt.de Prohibition of Assignment (A) the assignment of any claim or demand against us is excluded third parties, unless we agree a transfer is not explicitly mentioned in the text. We are obliged to consent, if the buyer legitimate interest in the assignment proves one. The prohibition of assignment relates to the warranty claims, which are available only to the customer. (2) The assignment clause does not apply if the transaction that gave rise to the claim has, or is a mutual commercial transaction when the payer is a legal entity under public law or public special assets is one thing.

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